Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet 2022

A problem that people with wide feet constantly struggle with while finding the right shoes. Exceptionally this might be true with regards to basketball footwear. Thus, you don’t have to worry as some excellent footwear options are available in the market.

Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Ultimately, our team members pick up some of the best basketball shoes for wide feet. Naturally, therefore, We’ve considered sharing our discovery with my readers looking for the right pair of footwear with a superb and comfortable fitting. Thus, we should dig inside it directly.

If you are a professional basketball player, have you ever noticed that you do not play every day? Sometimes while playing basketball, you have to be judgemental about the location. A basketball player should think of the next step before taking action. Those who have wider feet know what they should put on before touching the shoe wall.

For what reason do you require specific shoes for wide feet?

If you have wide feet does not mean that you are in danger. However, this will make your life a little bit tough. For example, you may not wear regular shoes because they are too tight to fit you. But, on the other hand, comfortable shoes are necessary for all basketball players.

From the start, you may feel a little bit of discomfort while wearing the shoes. However, as time passes, the trouble turns into a severe foot or back pain and becomes nearly impossible to stand on the feet and walk alone.

Therefore, people with wide feet should wear specific basketball shoes except if they wish never to stand again. Put all your money e in the best basketball shoes for extreme comfort.

Top Rated basketball shoes for wide feet

For a normal person, it is hard to find perfect fitting shoes. But, now think about those who have wider feet which will face the worst situation. Thus, it’s like a nightmare for people with wide feet to choose as there are not very many options available. So, when don’t you have any clue on what to look for in basketball shoes, what to do? First, don’t panic or stress out. Below is the list of the best basketball shoes for wide feet so that you pick the one that suits your taste!

  • Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe
  • Men’s Under Armour Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoes
  • Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe
  • Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoes
  • PEAK Mens Lou Williams Basketball Shoes
  • PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Jet, Mid is one of the best shoes for everyday use and physical activities. However, the material and model of the shoe really belongs to the basketball game category. The mid Jet is no doubt an excellent performer and comes with a pocket-friendly price. However, every person has their own playing style, so the shoes I find useful may not work for you. That’s why some people think the shoes are modern, up-to-date technology but the shoes will deliver the exact thing as advertised.

Keep in mind that Jet Mid belongs to an affordable series from Under Armours. Thus, it has the same technology and design as we have seen in the lop-top design. Excellent herringbone traction provides you an exceptional footwork grip. On the other hand, the EVA footbed in the midsole and insole area helps treat the player’s damaged tissue and foot with a sufficient cushion without compromising responsiveness.

Moreover, both insole and midsole areas are made from full-length EVA pads. As a result, you get a lightweight and high comfort to the foot. In addition, the mid jet has thick cushioning at the tongue and inner parts to deliver a decent amount of arch support and cushioning towards the ankle. 


  • Textile Material
  • Imported Rubber sole
  • Mid-top Shaft arch
  • Synthetic upper
  • Molded quarter panels
  • Engineered perforations
  • Mesh’s tongue
  • Full-length EVA sockliner

Men’s Under Armour Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoes

n's Under Armour Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoes

The fifth version of the Under Armour famous Lockdown series doesn’t require any introduction

because the name already lives. Consumers are pleased with the amount of comfort and support this professional basketball footwear provides. Same as Stephen’s signature footwear, the stability and padding of the Under Armour Lockdown 5 are also ideal for fast moves to the basket court.

Above all, the Lockdown 5 basketball shoes are the most affordable shoe pair for the basketball player who has a limited budget but doesn’t want to compromise on the performance. As a result, you can keep your focus on the game.  The upper of the basketball comes with a synthetic mesh to deliver a quick look and improve responsiveness. In addition, a super-soft and breathable sockliner offers extra comfort and support.

Furthermore, The UA Lockdown 5 comes with an injection-molded midsole to provide you a lightweight and stable ride. The rubber outsole of shoes adaptive traction teeth with multi-level grip on the basketball court. Fitting wise the Lockdown 5 has a mid-top design which makes them ideal for a basketball player. However, few people complain that shoes have a narrow fitting. Lastly, The Under Armour Lockdown 5 comes with a mid-top collar that delivers comfort and support.


  • Imported Material
  • Synthetic Rubber sole
  • Relentless pursuit of innovation
  • Extended Stock Liner
  • Breathable Panels

Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe

With wide feet, people are always looking for comfortable footwear that genuinely fits the size. However, If you wear narrow shoes while playing basketball, it’s the biggest mistake of your life which you have to change now. From the beginning, Adidas has always been a famous and trendy brand in the sports field. Every player trusts its authenticity.

Undoubtedly, the vast majority of us still prefer the laces system in shoes for playing. The reason behind this is that we don’t want to take any risk and make ourselves look extra confident with the secure fitting. Aside from the shoe fit, these basketball shoes are loved by almost every wide feet person.

Therefore, if you want comfortable but more ample footwear for your next basketball game or training, walking, or jumping and soccer, this Harden Stepback by Adidas is the ideal option for your next shoes. Luckily, Adidas has no competitor when it comes to the best footwear brand for delivering excellent traction. Compared to its predecessor, its grip over various surfaces is more durable and reliable. Therefore, you get a perfect grip even on the slippery courts. However, keep in mind that you have to clean after weeks if any dust gets stuck under the outsole as dust affects the grip and disturbs shoes’ traction during sports activities.


  • Fabric Upper
  • Synthetic Outsole
  • 100% Textile Synthetics
  • Synthetic sole
  • Lace closure for a snug fit
  • Textile upper and Mesh cage
  • Bounce midsole
  • Traction pattern

Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoes

en's Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoes

The Lebron and Nike with the coming-up Witness are the best basketball shoes for wide feet people. However, the one that makes me excited is Witness IV. Thus, if you are planning to give it a try to Lebron, then it’s the right time to try their incredible shoes.

The Lebron brand is famous for its movement on the basketball court. Its sharp and super-fast turns and accelerations are excellent for professional players. But wear the shoes for at least two to three weeks before using them on the court as they will adopt your foot shape, and you can quickly eat the track single-handedly with the Witness IV.

Likewise, a specialized traction pattern on the shoe’s outsole with the teeth on the ground side ensures that you will not lose control. Meanwhile, the wide grooves protect the shoes against the dust and stop them from sticking. As a result, the traction of the Witness IV will never get compromised like any other brand of shoes.

The Lebron Witness series have their signature heel zoom air system of phylon for excellent traction and traction, like any other Nike shoes. Similarly, AJ33 absorbs the impact from jumps on the ground.


  • Rubber sole
  • Nike Swoosh
  • Anti-slipping Rubber
  • Lightweight and Versatile
  • Shock Absorption Against the impacts
  • Ideal for widest feet

PEAK Mens Lou Williams  Basketball Shoes

PEAK Mens Lou Williams  Basketball Shoes

PEAK Mens are high-performance shoes designed Specifically for professional basketball players. These shoes are made to provide you the right balance, arch support, comfort, and versatility to improve your gameplay. Most experienced players prefer Lou Williams because they boost up your performance both on and off-court and help you win the game.

A flexible shoe material combined with the super-soft and ultra-breathable sock liner ensures that you stay comfortable running, walking, jumping, playing basketball, and much more. In addition, Lou Williams comes with perforated leather and meshes upper delivers improved ventilation while preventing sweating.

The anti-slip and reliable rubber shoe outsole are designed especially for the basketball player to provide you additional cushioning, stability, and longevity. As a result, you can run or walk courts, cement floors, and any other slippery surface without the fear of falling. In terms of the design, the shoes have a stylish, Modern, and stable design. So whether you are having long-extended hours of exercise sessions or playing on the Court, the anti-slip module on the forefoot reduces the risk of falling on the slippery surface.

PEAK is committed to providing its customers an anti-slip basketball shoe experience so they can withstand any surface. If you face any inconvenience, you can stay in touch with the peak friendly and easily reachable customer support.


  • STA anti-rollover module
  • Flexible material
  • Soft and breathable sock liner
  • Underfoot cushioning
  • Perforated leather and knit fabric
  • Durable rubber outsole

PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes

PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes

PEAK High Top is Seamlessly integrated weaving and hot melt process basketball shoes. This integration reduces any kind of discomfort from the foot and provides you comfortable and arch support. The outsole High top is made of Peak signature Streetball Master is the thick and solid outsole, with a unique traction pattern so you can wear them on any outdoor activity.

Due to the upgrade, its outdoor RB water-resistant rubber provides you all kinds of resistance. In addition, Peak has improved the rubber formula, which generally enhances that resistance and stops your foot shape efficiently in various court conditions, plastic,d cement, etc.

Peak High-Top basketball shoes are designed based on actual combat style, optimized, and designed for the basketball court’s real combat experience. On the other hand, powerful protection and water resistance and the budget-friendly price will for sure force you to buy these pairs of shoes and fulfill all the requirements of the sports world.

Moreover, Peak knows how to make their customer satisfied. That’s why they have included the anti-slip design. So the shoes can hold the games easily. If you are not satisfied or face any issues, you can contact their customer support.


  • Integrated Weaving
  • Hot-Melt Manufacturing Process
  • Streetball Master thick and solid outsole
  • Deep traction pattern
  • Stabilization module
  • Upgraded Rubber Formula
  • Wear Resistance Buyers Guide


For a beginner, it is hard to find the best basketball shoes for wide feet as you don’t have any clue what to look for. There are plenty of things that you should consider before purchasing footwear—depending upon the playing style, you have to choose the proper fitting, traction, cushioning, and other things. Now let’s go down one by one.

Playing Style

A shoe is not like a magic wand or a universal thing that fits everyone. Similarly, every footwear has its purpose of serving, especially when playing a basketball game. Thus, plenty of shoes are made with a particular type of playing style.

In addition, if you are a hardcore play, you need something compelling with more cursing to protect your feet against the ground impact.

Meanwhile, those players who want to improve that speed and take a sharp turn should go lightweight and support their feet.


The basketball game is all about movement, whether you are on the ball or off the ball. Therefore it is necessary to move your feet really and do all the things and actions on the code without the danger of sleeping. Even a slight slip can destroy your career, and you won’t be able to stand again for your whole life.

The suitable material is essential in basketball shoes for excellent arch support and traction. Therefore, always choose a pair of shoes with teeth on the ground side, and sudden acceleration stops smoothly.


No matter which type of player you are or know your playing style, the footwear must have a well-settled and soft cushioning. So that it can reduce the ground impact and act as a shock absorber, of course, a cushion of the shoes should be soft but not in every area of the footwear.

 Most basketball players prefer to have a shoe with a thick layer of cushioning at the heel and toe area with thinner padding. Meanwhile, the midsole must be solid to support the traction.


Mostly the professional basketball players Patra of footwear which looks good and also provide the proper support. However, appearance is not the most critical factor in the world. Because ultimately, the purpose of footwear is to provide you comfort, proper fitting, and stability.

Frequently Asked Question

Which is the most important part of shoes that We should focus on while purchasing?

Of course, the most crucial area or part in every footwear is the comfort level and grip. Plus, you need to ensure that the shoes protect your feet against ground impact.

How long do the basketball shoes for wide feet take to break in?

At Least Give your shoes a trial for two to three weeks before you start wearing them for the basketball game. Also, where the shoes daily for 10 to 15 minutes for the light warm-up are maybe running station to use loosen up the pair.

How to do Stretching in the best basketball shoes for wide feet?

Wear thick socks and tie up the laces of the shoes completely. Then, after wearing the shoes for a long time or feeling any tightness in any part of the shoe, you can blow dryer that part to make it loosen up.

How do I know if my feet are wide or not?

First of all, give it a try to some regular-size Shoes from different brands. If none of them fit correctly on your foot, put your feet on a flat surface of the paper and trace it out. After measuring out the part of your foot, you can easily determine which part of your foot is wider.

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