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Best Basketball Shoes For Your Flat Feet (Adidas men’s ) 2021

If you are suffering from flat feet, there are more chances that you will experience pain while performing daily actions such as running, walking, standing, or playing sports. However, don’t stress. We have uplifting news for you as we bring some of the best basketball shoes for your flat feet. Therefore, you can now become a basketball player.

What are Flat Feet?

Most people suffer from childhood flat feet due to birth postures deformity. Other causes include torn tendons, broken bones, and nerve problems, etc.

Fallen arches can be frustrating sometimes epically when you are playing an intense sport that requires a lot of running, just like basketball. However, when you perform such activities, it’s necessary to have proper footwear if you don’t want to worsen it more. 

What To Look For

Basketball is a sport that requires continuously running, so players need comfortable footwear if they want to perform better.

  • A decent pair will have a comfortable underside that doesn’t hurt your feet while running, just as vital to adapt to the excessive movement. At the end of the day, durability and comfort are the top highlights you should search for supporting individuals with level feet. 
  • The lower leg support is more critical for a b-ball shoe. It improves stability inside the shoe and prevents foot injuries.
  • Sole is one of the most crucial factors of shoes for players. It should be soft and durable. Therefore, it can keep your foot in proper shape and act as shock absorption to lower jumping’s impact.

Why Should I Need Special Basketball Shoes?

To pick the right pair of shoes, you first need to understand the condition’s underlying causes. According to research, about 1/4 of our population is suffering from the fallen arches. And usually, it begins with slight discomfort to a massive amount of pain.

The Fallen arch condition is common in adults rather than children. But it starts from early childhood to adulthood.

The problem with regular shoes is that they have a lack of arch support. So, it will put extra pressure on the other parts of the foot, which will disturb your natural posture. Also, it can destroy your career as a sportsman.

Furthermore, low-quality shoes can cause swelling, damaged tendons, or other foot problems. People with flatfoot tend to turn the ankles inwards while walking. To solve this problem, many shoe companies have decided to specially crafted shoes with arch support. So, you can also play basketball just like any other normal person.

It’s a universal truth that there are no shoes in the world which is perfect for everyone. But don’t worry, we have carefully reviewed and finalized shoes for every shape and type. As a result, it will provide you a better grip, arch support, shock absorption, and a comfortable cushion during your basketball match. 

Top 6 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Keep one thing in mind there are various types of shoes, and each one has a different support type. Hence here are our top picks for the most suitable basketball shoes for fallen arches:

  1. Adidas men’s DON Issue 1
  2. Under Armour Men’s Team Drive 4
  3. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Bounce
  4. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus 
  5. Adidas Men’s SM Dame 5 Team
  6. AND 1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 Mid
ImageProduct NameCheck Price
Adidas men's DON Issue 1<br />
Adidas men's DON Issue 1
Check Price
Under Armour Men's Team Drive 4<br />
Under Armour Men's Team Drive 4
Check Price
Adidas Performance Men's Crazy BounceAdidas Performance Men's Crazy Bounce Check Price
Nike Men's Kobe Mamba FocusNike Men's Kobe Mamba Focus Check Price
Adidas Men's SM Dame 5 TeamAdidas Men's SM Dame 5 Team Check Price
AND 1 Men's Rocket 3.0 MidAND 1 Men's Rocket 3.0 Mid Check Price

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Adidas men’s DON Issue 1

Adidas men's DON Issue 1

The Adidas men’s b-ball sneakers are one of the more flexible shoes presently available. In light of the material alone, this shoe will give your feet more space to move around easily. For one thing, the sole has responsive padding that will improve your running on the ball court. 

The Textile upper with spider web inspired details contains shaped channels that give you space to move around without the concern of solidness or harm to your shoes. Furthermore, the Bounce cushioning in these shoes improves breathability and solidness.

Another incredible component of the Adidas men’s shoes is the regular fit. The mid-foot lashes on this shoe will keep the foot stable inside the shoe. It isn’t excessively costly to where you prefer that you’re not getting your cash’s worth, and it isn’t amazingly modest, which would cause you to feel as if you didn’t buy a dependable, quality item. Due to Elastic cells, an innovation that delivers the energy upon taking off. Therefore, you will have a feeling that you’re bouncing over the cloud.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the fitting – same as to mention the size and provide an intimate experience for wearers. As far as your concern about colors, they are available in 6 colors. Although the color range is not significant, it comes with exciting and distinct combinations.


  • Herringbone pattern outsole
  • Lace closure
  • Spiderweb inspired design
  • Synthetic sole
  • Imported
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Better flexibility
  • Appealing looks
  • Little bit narrow

Best Basketball Shoes For Outdoor

Under Armour Men’s Team Drive 4

Under Armour Men Team Drive 4

Team Drive 4 by Under Armor is a stable job sneaker thanks to its broad base design and soft cushioning. Also, it has a full-length molded ankle collar construction. This sneaker does a pretty decent job when it comes to grip itself on the court. Support is outstanding and makes the footwear safe for any situation.

Furthermore, the thick, tough, and responsive cushioning in these sneakers provides heavenly comfort around the impact point. The thing I like the most is the full elastic herringbone foothold design. However, this allows for excellent court control and grasp. And the outside impact point counter offers broadened help. 

So, if you are looking for something that provides additional comfort and support, you must go for this one. For better stability, there is a 3D shank wrapping around the walls and the best basketball Tranning shoes for your flat feet.

Above all, these sneakers with the upper material are lightweight and breathable, and the toe box is a comfy fit. Indeed, Team Drive 4 is a fabulous pair of shoes that will satisfy the hopes of players.

Team Drive 4 by Under Armor is a stable job sneaker thanks to its broad base design and soft cushioning. Also, it has a full-length molded ankle collar construction. This sneaker does a pretty decent job when it comes to grip itself on the court. Support is outstanding and makes the footwear safe for any situation.Features

  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Full-length bootie construction
  • Molded ankle collar  
  • External heel counter
  • Improves forefoot flexibility
  • Additional support for fallen arches
  • Comfortable fit
  • Lightweight textile upper
  • Poor quality laces

Best Basketball Shoes For Shin Splints

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Bounce

Adidas Performance Men Crazy Bounce (1)

Adidas’s performance Crazy Bounce may not be the lightest one, but they are the most long-lasting and groundbreaking shoes available on the market. They are also very flexible and lightweight to return all your take-off energy and bring it back to you. To protect you from all types of impact, it has both ankle and heel support.

Furthermore, the TPU sole on the midfoot makes sure that you won’t be a slip. And the bulky lower segment ensures stability, so you feel contented during running around. Performance Crazy Bounce comes in upwards of ten colors and the best basketball shoes for your flat feet.

Some of the few issues with this shoe include that they run relatively small and that the laces can be very tricky to maneuver – they are both short and have to be laced inside the shoe in certain spots. In this case, given these are a budget shoe, you should have the leftover cash to buy some longer laces. 

  • Lightweight textile
  • Synthetic overlays
  • Rubber outsole
  • Imported
  • TPU midfoot

Best Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus 

Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Focus

Kobe Bryant’s aka “Black Mamba” is a name he gave himself. Except for Bryant, it was not just a nickname. In actuality, it symbolizes his altered attitude, which he gained at the lowest point of his career. Sadly, the Kobe Brayan, a legend, no longer belongs to this world. But his legacy of low-cut sneakers remains to continue. The reason behind choosing this sneaker in my rundown was to inspire continuously—By behavior off/on the court and exceptional skills.

Now, let’s continue our review. The Mamba Fury by Nike is a standard Kobe shoe. Similarly, we have received good about these shoes, offering generous support for collapsed arches. It could be possible to talk about the top 6 basketball sneakers, and Kobe Mamba is not part of it.

Its dynamic traction and lower profile response sneaker with the trademarks of Kobe. Similarly, the low-cut collar allows athletes the option to cut hard while keeping pace and it is the best crossfit shoes for your flat feet.

The Nike Zoom Air cushioning footbed helps deliver a burst of responsive energy. On the other hand, the webbing loop laces system allows the shoe to snug-fit and keeps you stable.


  • Snakeskin style traction pattern
  • Embossed Upper
  • External heel cage 
  • Zoom Air unit cushions
  • Rugged outsole
  • Lightweight Agility
  • Low-top design
  • Better support
  • Kobe sheath logo
  • A little bit of flimsy material

Best Men Shoes Under $150

Adidas Men’s SM Dame 5 Team

Adidas Men SM Dame 5 Team | Best Basketball Shoes For Your Flat Feet

The next shoes in our rundown are Adidas Men’s SM Dame 5 Team. If you need a sneaker with funky colors design yet at a budget-friendly price, then without wasting time, go for Team 5. Also, these shoes have a wider toe box. As a result, you can insert a custom sole if you want. But if you don’t need an additional insole, you can use the inbuilt Bounce midsole.

Similarly, padded pod technology makes these sneakers more flexible. There is a variety of colors ranging from Shock Pink/Blue to Active Gold. Also, Dame 5 has a snakeskin pattern to provide you better grip and comfort on the B-Ball court.

Another best thing about Adidas Team is that it has better support than most shoes available in the market at this price rate. The only drawback these shoe pairs have is they run bigger. So, you order ½ inch smaller size than your actual size and it is the best basketball shoes for your flat feet.

In conclusion, it’s the perfect option for you if you want a sneaker pair at an affordable price without compromising comfort and support.

  • Durable construction
  • Very comfortable
  • Unique colors scheme
  • Affordable
  • Run bigger
  • Can be meshy sometimes

Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

AND 1 Men’s Rocket 3.0 Mid

AND 1 Men Rocket 3.0 Mid | Best Basketball Shoes For Your Flat Feet

Those who are suffering from falling arches and want to play these B-Ball shoes are for you. Rocket 3.0 Mid by AND1 not only provides ankle support, but also very budget-friendly. AND1 Pursue to break down that stereotype as they are a very comfortable and sturdy pair of thrills.

Furthermore, these sneakers have a cushioned insole and an upper mesh coating that expands comfort and breathability for your level feet. In other words, it’s an excellent deal for stretchiness and enough space for a specific footbed form. 

As compared to the previous pair, these AND1 has a higher top design that underpins your lower leg well and furnishes the steadiness those of you with painful lower legs need on the ball court. Those who search for that additional comfort and anchor for their feet at a reasonable price without any doubt consider AND1 Men’s Rocket. 

Likewise, the only drawback is that these shoes are most likely how they won’t be as sturdy as the other costly shoes on this rundown. But it’s acceptable because they cost just 35$ and it is the best basketball shoes for your Flat Feet.


  • 100% synthetic
  • Heel Quarter molding
  • TPU design
  • Multi-directional herringbone
  • Molded EVA footbed
  • Affordable
  • Better ankle support
  • Great breathability
  • Additional space for the orthopedic sole
  • Bulky

Buyers Guide

Flat foot is a term used to refer to a condition where an individual has fallen arches. The purpose of the arch in the human foot is to distribute the weight on the legs and feet. Additionally, they act as spring, which is essential for any ballplayer. Hence it must be adaptable to keep every movement easier. To play out your best, you need better arch support to avoid injuries. 

Nowadays, manufacturers are producing shoes that will help players with level feet play all the more successfully with a generally safe injury. Also, It has empowered skilled players to overcome the little inconvenience of being level footed postures. Before choosing a pair of shoes, you have to consider a lot of factors.

Size Varieties 

There is a wide range of brands of shoes, and they all have various sizes. A size 9 for one brand can be different in another brand since every brand has its design. Proper size and fitting are essential because if shoes are excessively close, they will pressure your foot, imposing pain while using them. The problematic situation won’t be useful for your foot, making the condition worse.

Then again, if they’re excessively free, they will make you get drained quicker. The enormous size will leave a gap, so you need to utilize your curves, which will nullify the point of using them. So it would be a smart thought to take a stab at certain sets to get to the one that fits you best. As a result, it works for you and encourages you to play better, notwithstanding your level feet. 


The sturdiness isn’t only for sports; it is a clinical need for those who have fallen arches. If you got a shoe proposed to deal with your foot problems. And I would recommend you go for an item that will last more and subsequently protect you for a more extended time. The shoe you are picking should be high caliber in that it doesn’t lose the curve. Since you use it to play, it should likewise have the option to pressure fast and steady movement on the ball courts. 

Lower Leg Uphold 

The lower leg is a fundamental part of our body. It assumes an imperative role in balancing the foot and dispersion of the weight. It is also the foot that will permit you to make faster developments, significant in a ball. Therefore, the shoes you are picking need to have a lower leg strap. The absence of lower leg support might be a disaster and could cause a severe physical issue or separation in the foot. A break in the lower leg may end your entire carrier.


Comfort may presumably be the essential factor to consider regarding getting a shoe. Consequently, it would be best to have comfy shoes that you can use for a whole game without encountering any pain. You should pick a comfortable pair. So it will give you more space to focus on the game, which will make you a more critical resource for your group. 

Foot Condition 

Flat feet are a broad term, there are various sorts of level feet, and they all have multiple shoes. It would be best if you go for a design intended for your particular condition. Similarly, try every one of the pair and pick the one you find comfy. A few people have low curves, while others have no curves by any means. But if you have no curves at Aal and use shoes intended for individuals with fallen arches. 


Padding is another primary factor that will help you if you have fallen arches. Basketball is a game that will expect you to hop now and then; in this manner, you have to get a couple of shoes that will ingest the effect when you land in the wake of bouncing. Similarly, the shoes with high-quality padding will absorb the impact and save your foot from harm by your weight. 


Cost is another noticeable yet essential factor that you have to consider. Nonetheless, the price additionally has a connection to the quality of the item. The higher quality shoe might be costly, however, beneficial. It might have many highlights that all met up to give you the best experience you could have. It will likely have lower leg lashes and appropriate padding so that it will value your cash. 

Sometimes, having level feet might have kept you from playing, yet that time is a distant memory. With the precise pair of sneakers, you can play just like some other player, regardless of whether you have level feet. 

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Play Basketball With Flat Feet?

Yes, of course, but there are some important factors you have to consider. For instance, the player’s with fallen arches should pick shoes with arch support, soft and durable insoles to keep your feet in the right posture while jumping or to run in the court.

Which Nikes Are The Best Option For Flat Feet?

Sometimes the waking and running can be a painful exercise because Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus has upgraded the padding system for long walks.

Can You Fix It Without A Treatment For Flat Feet?

It depends on your condition; if your fallen arches cause any problem, you can fix it without treatment. Usually, the podiatrist suggests the “rest and icing treatment” to reduce pain and swelling.

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